Tanya Bahadur

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic/Relaxation Massage

Suite 120
902 877 6323

email: Tanyabahadur.massagetherapy@gmail.com


With more than a decade of experience, Tanya is in good standing with the Massage Therapists’ and Wholistic Practitioners’ Association of the Maratimes. Tanya offers her clients a variety of massage techniques such as Deep Tissue Massage, General Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Release, and Myofascial work and will effectively customize each treatment based on her clients needs. Tanya is a busy, sought after Therapist who has your health and well-being her top priority. She is currently accepting new clients so please call, email or text anytime.

660 Bedford Hwy , Halifax
NS B3M 2L8, Canada

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