Tru Salon Suites is the first salon suite concept of its kind in Canada, offering Beauty Professionals elegant independent suites to pursue their passion. We provide you with the opportunity to own their own salon without the stress and expense of building maintenance and overhead allowing you focus on building your client base, skills, and wealth all in a modern, professional setting. See why everyone is a Winner at Tru Salon Suites.

For a confidential, private tour of our beautiful facility please contact Marjorie at 902 201 2211 (St.John’s/Mount Pearl) or Melanie 902 223 7222 (Halifax)



Even though others try hard to look like us, we are in no way associated with Tru Salon Suites in Indiana, US. Our company has more than 30 years of Beauty Industry experience. If you are thinking about leasing in a Salon Suite environment, we strongly recommend leasing from owners who have Beauty Industry experience. Just as you wouldn’t go to a Hairstylist for Dentistry work, you should rent from someone who has worked in and understands your industry.

Salary Comparison 

Commission Your Pay Suite Owner Your Pay
Weekly Revenue $2000 Weekly Revenue $2000
Retail $250 Retail $250
50% Commission + Retail Commission $1025 Rent/Product/Phone $400
Product Cost $75  Retail Profit $125
Salary $975 Salary $1675

Increase per week $725

Increase per year $37,700


  • An elegant ambiance welcomes all clients that step into Tru Salon Suites. With tranquil water features and modern interior designs, your clients will find relaxation and serenity around every corner.
  • Suite finishes include high ceilings with upscale flooring and a door window for optimum ambiance.
  • Acoustic privacy ensures a quiet and respectful setting.
  • Optional in-suite stereo speaker, with volume control, to set the mood for clients.
  • Free Vacation time (ask for details)


  • Leases are month-to-month or optional incentive leases to provide you with freedom and flexibility.
  • Low lease rates help you keep your overhead down while keeping more profits for you.
  • All utilities included except for your phone, all overhead expenses are included in your lease payment.
  • Carry any retail products for re-sale and keep the profit
  • Each suite provides all the equipment you need to launch your business with minimum start-up cost.
  • Free Vacation time (ask for details)


  • A community kitchen with microwave, sink and seating.
  • On-site laundry facility with towels included.
  • Abundant parking gives your clients fast, convenient access to your business.
  • A digital directory listing offers your clients an alternate way to contact you and view your services.
  • Complimentary Wireless Internet access for you and your clients.
  • After-hour security systems allow you to operate your business with peace of mind.
  • Free Vacation time (ask for details)


  • Styling chair and mirror
  • Work station
  • Shampoo station
  • Wall mounted cabinets
  • Full window door with lock

Wellness and Beauty Professionals

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